Apax Partners, L.P. (Apax US) is a US registered adviser and a member of the Apax Partners Group. Funds advised by Apax Partners typically invest in large companies across four global sectors: Tech & Telco, Services, Healthcare, and Consumer.

Releasing potential is at the heart of everything we do.  Whether it's identifying potential investments, growing our portfolio companies or realising their value at the right time, our strategy is geared to releasing potential.

Throughout over 30 years since the raising of the first fund, the company has successfully invested across all investment stages, and through several complete economic cycles.

The firm's current success is rooted in a culture that has always been outward looking, pioneering and committed to growing businesses. The deep understanding of the four sectors in which it invests has been at the core of Apax Partners' strategy, giving it early access to investment opportunities and an ability to quickly add value to portfolio companies.


Building a global business

As the businesses that Apax Funds invest in become global, it is our view that those private equity firms that are best able to add value and support them internationally will flourish. Those that operate on a global basis will be able to spot emerging trends early, support the growth of global companies and use the world's stock markets most effectively.

The firm currently has a global network of 7 offices in three continents and employs over 220 people.

The portfolio companies in which our funds invest employ in excess of 150,000 people and, at end 2017, generated combined revenues of over USD 23 billion