Who we are

For over 50 years Apax has worked to go beyond traditional private equity in building businesses.

Results are driven by a collaborative culture that listens, learns and looks across horizons to inspire growth… together with partner companies. The firm conviction is that a blend of hands-on operating experience, specialist sector knowledge and incisive global perspective delivers best results. Working side-by-side with management teams, our goal is expanding mutual success through mutual vision.


Apax works to inspire teams to build ideas that transform business. One way we do this, is through a sector and sub-sector approach. It improves our understanding of the trends that matter to management teams. It helps with identifying new opportunities and manage potential downside risks. It makes Apax a better partner.


We seek to create value by supporting transformational improvements in portfolio companies. Through operational expertise and digital acceleration we help build future market leaders. Staying fully aligned with management teams us great partners in creating value.


Finding great companies is just the start of the journey. Recognising that every company is different, facing its own unique set of opportunities and challenges is key. Strategies to accelerate growth are developed alongside management teams, providing them with access to all of Apax’s internal resources.


Apax looks for people who are approachable, insightful and ambitious. We know relationships based on mutual trust and respect are most effective. We took time to reaffirm our values, precisely because we want stakeholders to know what we stand for, the type of talent we look for in the people we hire, and the interactions they can expect.

Culture and Values

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